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Bushmills Whiskey

When it comes to good whiskey, we’re the experts. After all, we’re known for our whiskey, and we’re just a stone’s throw away from the home of the world’s oldest Whiskey Distillery. So, you would be right in thinking that we know how to give people a good time!
The Whiskey Distillery
The Bushmills Whiskey Distillery is the oldest (and the best) in the country. It’s been running for over 400 years and has gained a distinguished reputation since its opening in 1608. Bushmills Irish Whiskey is the most sought-after whiskey from the distillery and for a good reason! It’s an excellent way to celebrate Irish heritage during your stay at The Bushmills Inn.
Classic Bushmills Whiskey Flight – Black Bush
If you’re in the mood for some whiskey after dinner, why not try one of our Bushmills whiskey flights? Black Bush is one of the best with 25ml of Black Bush paired with a ten year and 12-year Bushmills malt whiskey – now that’s quality whiskey!
The Black Bush is an unusual name for a unique flavour of whiskey. The colour is dark, hence the appropriate name, which is the result of the whiskey maturing for up to seven years in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks and sweet bourbon barrels. You can attribute the excellent taste to the 80% malt premium whiskey serving a sliver of velvety, fruity notes that hit the back of your throat in what can only be described as true paradise.
10 Year Bushmills Single Malt
If you’re looking for a smooth finish, this one is for you. It comes with a light fruity aroma and has spent a decade maturing in seasoned bourbon barrels. Discover the old Kentucky spirit and treat yourself to something sweet with some melted chocolate and honey that delights the tongue and provides a delicious taste.
12 Year Bushmills Single Malt
Our 12-year-old Bushmills Single Malt has spent its time maturing in former Spanish Oloroso sherry casks, which has given the whiskey a deep amber hue with delightful fruity aromas to tickle the senses.
Bushmills Steamship Whiskey Flight
To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the SS Bushmills Steamship, Bushmills has released three NEW whiskeys to mark the occasion. If you didn’t know, the SS Bushmills was the same steamship that was used over a century ago to deliver the finest whiskey to Bushmills.
The first new whiskey to launch was the ‘Steamship’ Sherry Cask, which has been triple distilled and matured in Oloroso sherry buttes. The second is the ‘Steamship’ Port Cask, which is a rich single malt and has matured in Portuguese oak barrels for three years. The final new whiskey in the ‘Steamboat’ series is the ‘Steamship’ Char Bourbon Cask. This one is influenced by the loyal friendship between Old Bushmills Distillery and master coopers from Louisville, Kentucky. Bourbon is drained from the seasoned casks and re-charred before they are shopped to Bushmills.
If you’d like to try our whiskey, join us at The Bushmills Inn for one of our most popular a la carte dishes, which has been on our menu for the past 30 years! This dish includes pan fried prime beef fillet steak (8oz) flambéed in Bushmills whiskey, finished with cream, cracked peppercorns and mushroom confit.
On colder nights, you can enjoy a Bushmills coffee with some “Bushmills Original” from the world’s oldest whiskey distillery thrown in for good measure. Each glass is topped with delicious whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate that you can sip on by the open fire, making it perfect for couples and those looking for a dash of romance during their stay.
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